Letter to the Alberta Minister of Health Re: High cost of dental care

Date de parution : 03/14/2017
Personne(s)-ressource(s) : Karen Voin

March 14, 2017

Ms. Sarah Hoffman
Deputy Premier, Minister of Health,
Alberta Health Services
Executive Council
423 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6
Sent by email: health.minister@gov.ab.ca

Dear Ms. Hoffman:

On behalf of the Canadian life and health insurance industry, we are writing to raise awareness of the industry’s continued concerns regarding the high cost of dental care in Alberta. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association is a voluntary association with member companies which account for 99 per cent of Canada’s life and health insurance business. In Alberta, for calendar year 2015, the life and health insurance industry provided more than 2.6 million Albertans with private dental plan coverage and made payments of about $1.3 billion on dental services. These plans help ensure Albertans have access to needed dental care.

We appreciate the Government of Alberta’s leadership on this issue, and the response to both consumer and industry concerns. The initial steps announced in December 2016 help to provide Albertans with information on how they can help manage their costs, and the costs to dental plans through shopping around and comparing costs between dentists. In particular, the Government of Alberta’s initiative in posting the most common dental procedures and average cost in Alberta is a positive first step. However, we believe more needs to be done...